Educational game for awareness campaigns.

  • Developed for: Department of Nature Energy and Environment.
  • Objective: Testing product knowledge and obtaining more knowledge about different components, history of each medicine and the stages of the fabrication process.
  •  Game structure: 10 minigames, implementation of learning objectives, mobile app & web.
Janssen serious gaming

HiveLife: serious gaming for a serious environment problem

The honeybee decline is an indicator of our environment and the grand "Week of the bee" campaign focusses on this problem. Its goal is informing and sensitizing young people, families and associations with the famous Belgian master chocolatier Dominique Persoone as the face of this campaign.

A serious game proved to be an essential part of the campaign organized by the Belgian Department of Environment, Nature and Energy. 



3D game tested on the target audience

The critical audience of students from the fifth grade of primary school Sint-Niklaas in Dixmude tested the game first. Before and after trying the game we did a small knowledge test on the subject to verify if the game didn’t miss its target. The result was an increase in the average score of 3/10 to 8/10. Students acquired knowledge in a playful way about our bee population.


HiveLife. An educational game that provokes discussion.

The game we developed is based on a board game that the “education center De Nachtegaal” made for the children.


“After several visits, however, the children knew the questions and answers by heart and barely learned something.”
— Bruno Remaut, educator De Nachtegaal.


We started building a game that really instructs while keeping the playful aspect in mind.

In HiveLife children don’t learn about the number of legs or the color of the bees, but they choose their character from 5 specific bee species. The content of the game was provided by the Department of Environment, Nature and Energy which was processed in four different levels for the game. For each of these mini-games a matching voice-over feature was provided in order to make the players actually read the information and help them make the right decision.


hivelife serious game.png

More than a 3D game

HiveLife is a both a fun and educational game about bees for young and older players.

In the HiveLive game you'll find puzzles, quizes, memory games, a maze game, a floral carpet, the nectar game and much more. The game is intended for classes, nature lovers, bee experts and anyone who wants to learn more about our bees.

HiveLife can be downloaded for free in the Google Play Store and the App Store for iOS. Fun fact: Linde, one of the bees was such a succes that she even starred at the Comic Festival in Knokke-Heist.

Bees game was tested, approved and will definitely have a sequel.

Want to explore the game yourself? Download HiveLife for free in the Appstore or Google Play Store.