Tomorrowland activations and registrations in AR

  • Developed for: festival organizers and their visitors.
  • Objective: Customized exercises and follow-up for students.

  • App structure: Microsoft Kinect input.

Jupiler booth AR for festival activations

Beyond music: AR for festivals

We contributed to the Belgian 'Madness’ weekend as an experience for the People of Tomorrow and it was ... epic.

Tomorrowland is all about music and how people experience their music. We provided the registration and activation of visitors each of them being part of the Tomorrowland adventure.


The photo booths at the festival itself: a souvenir and an online activation

Tomorrowland is a festival you visit at least once in a lifetime. The fairytale decor, all the nationalities, the music, the stages, and even the food and drinks. In order to extend the experience with the different partners of Tomorrowland, we developed different activations and registrations concepts for the visitors, one of them being an AR booth:

At the Jupiler booth visitors scanned their RFID. Depending on whether he or she was recognized or not, they provide their personal information.

Standing in front of the screen, a kinect camera detects the visitor’s head and put a TML skin on their own head.

The result is sent directly to their mailbox, Jupiler pimped.


Preparation preceded the complete track.

We started off with the concept for all Tomorrowland partners and made the activations and registrations as easy as possible for the visitor. Our team made wireframes and created the designs.

In the next phase and after feedback processing the ultimate development of a full-experience Tomorrowland concept followed.

During the 'Madness weekend' our team provided on-site support for the online activation. An additional challenge given the conditions at a festival. To avoid loss of information we provided a synchronization which collects data and centralize this as soon as we got connected again.

Digital gaming platform for students


Completely cashless

The festival is also known for its delicious food and drinks which like all other purchases can be done completely cashless. Our Vigor team ensured that every RFID wristband of Tomorrowland was linked to the visitor’s personal account for all their purchases:

  • Activations at different photo booths
  • State-of-the-art laundry in DreamVille
  • Cloud Rider


One dashboard for all Tomorrowland online activations and registrations

We centralized the user data in one dashboard to know who activates and registers where exactly. The dashboard provides insight into what visitors do, enabling both organizers and partners to tailor their offerings to the visitors. This is experience marketing at its best.

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