Big and small XR companies are marketing new VR gear

Oculus, Samsung but also smaller companies are marketing new VR headsets and gear or investing in prototypes. And every one of them is more affordable and a better version of the ones already available.  A bit overwhelmed? These are 4 devices we believe are worth your while:

Oculus Go




  • $199 - €169

  • Standalone

  • Everyday use

Mark Zuckerberg announced his new standalone headset: Oculus Go.

In the beginning of next year this new VR headset with its affordable price will be available on the market. It’s a standalone, easy-to-use VR headset and not very expensive.

  • new lenses

  • the 2560x1440 screen

  • spatial audio inside the headset

  • controller similar to Gear VR’s remote

This headset and its controller are an excellent way to start using or start building for VR.


Oculus Santa Cruz




Another VR headset is expected next year from Oculus called Santa Cruz. Although this one is a prototype, it should be ready in 2018 to be marketed.

  • tracks movement with wide-angle cameras around the edges

  • Oculus Touch-like controllers, with infrared LEDs that those cameras can track

  • simplified layout

  • better tracking capabilities than the Rift’s basic two-camera setup

  • truly wireless headset

  • comfortable controllers

  • High-res OLED screens

  • Larger field of view

  • interpupillary distance (IPD) Adjustment

  • Bone conduction headphones

This prototype is a great alternative for Oculus Rift once it’ll be marketed.


Samsung Odyssey



$500 - €425

This MR headset supported by Microsoft is already available. Launched on october 3 it’s more expensive than the rest of the Microsoft headsets but there are some good reasons to purchase this one.

  • 1,440 x 1,600 resolution OLED screens.

  • interpupillary distance (IPD) Adjustment

  • boasts a 110-degree field of view,

  • with built-in AKG headphones.

These features ensure a fluid VR experience with one of the markets clearest views.

Pimax 8K



Last but not least: the Pimax 8K VR headset is a kickstarter project that runs until November 3, but already exceeds its goals. Pimax will ship the headsets in January. So why is this headset so extraordinary?

  • extendable device: hand motion, inside-out tracking, wireless, eye tracking and more can be implemented.

  • ultra-wide 200-degree field of view courtesy of two side-by-side 4K panels.

  • advanced laser tracking system

  • 2x Valve "Knuckle"-based Controllers

A new player, offering the widest view so far starting from january.

Not only Zuckerberg is fulfilling his mission: these headsets are affordable high quality devices, each one more optimized than the other.

All of these brands are making an effort to close the gap and bring VR closer to the public.