VR AR and MR in Belgium

A study of AR, VR and MR in our neighbouring country shows that less than half of companies lack capacity and skills to implement this technology.

Although they’re not up to speed, they seem to be aware of the fact they need to start investing in this technology. There’s one problem though: most companies just don’t know what they need to implement this technology.

Focus on finding skills and customer experience

Major implementation challenges include:

  • lack of knowledge of market opportunities (39.7%),

  • implementation experience (38.3%) and

  • software development capabilities (35.1%).

- source: http://customerfirst.nl/

 Finding the right skills is another problem because multidisciplinary teams are required: we’re talking technical skills, but also 3D designers.

 Besides, these Dutch companies are expecting AR, VR and MR to enhance the customer experience instead of broadening their point of view. Internal training through AR, VR and MR is not given the attention it deserves. So, there’s still a huge potential market for enhancing experiences of companies.



The numbers show it’s time to be creative

According to another study in Belgium, The Netherlands and Germany by the Brabant Development Company (BOM), this new market will be affected soon if developers of virtual and augmented reality don’t focus and show more ambition. They need to attract the capital they need to develop their optimal potential.  

“What developers generate in earnings differs too much from the amount of financing they need. Therefore, they should set realistic strategies for a stronger position or for the focus on a specific market segment such as training of offshore staff or active e-sports.”

 - source: http://bom.instantmagazine.com/


AR VR and MR in business cases

As loud as these numbers may scream when reading them, AR VR and MR is growing up. This technology is not easy to be applied in business cases if the company you’re cooperating with doesn’t listen to your needs.

Without the right skills it is indeed a seemingly impossible task to find the right angle. With our experience, our well-oiled team and the optimal cooperation with our customers we’ve worked on various Belgian business cases where this new technology is applied.

Combining VR with amusement parks, AR with serious gaming or mixing reality with any kind of new reality for businesses, we show them it’s not a huge leap to get into this technology.

Belgian companies are definitely interested in investing in AR, VR or MR.