What the heck is up with learning in VR & AR?

Virtual reality and augmented reality won’t leave you alone. They’re here to stay and you don’t realize yet how lucky you actually should feel about that. They’re enhancing your reality with a new reality: virtual or augmented reality. Yes, we can now officially state that there are different realities. They’ve grown into completely developed technologies, they’re past gaming-only. They’re perfectly ready to revolutionize our educational system and boost our learning abilities in a whole.

1. Leap from our 2D world into a 3D world again

We’re all very much into our own little 2D worlds: our smartphones, our pc’s, our laptops. We’ve created our own virtual versions of our world in our digital lives and still we’re stuck in a 2D world on a screen. Two different worlds that stand alone.

But what if we had those tools that enhance the human experience, with which we could remember what we do daily in a real world and not just machines or devices that limit our humanity?

We’ve got pretty amazing news for you: those tools exist.

They don’t interrupt our experience with the things we do in our daily lives. They become part of it. In our own physical world.

We’re shifting our complete way of content consumption from:

story-telling to story-living

VR makes us feel like we are part of something.
— Chris Milk

2. The #XR era is born

There you have it: a new era is born. Story living is the way we learn stuff. We learn by doing, not by listening to a professor in an aula or a classroom. Seriously, what would you prefer:

Memorizing a list of architecture that’s disappeared by ISIS bombing in Syria or actually visiting the archeological sites?

Our children will learn by doing and they will know more than us in a complete new way.

This new technology is a game changer we cannot neglect. VR and AR will change the way we do things in our daily business and personal life:

  • our work

  • our interaction and

  • our play time

3. Don’t miss out on the huge potential of VR AR MR to make immersive training tools

You’re not sure if your company or even your sector is apt for this new technology? We are. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to develop the tools that completely immerse your people and help them to upscale in their jobs or onboard new employees.

What would you prefer:

a boring powerpoint presentation and a mock-up of the company’s structure or a VR or augmented reality training on your first day on the job?

VR AR or MR as a training tool has already real life cases in various sectors:

  1. Manufacturing

  2. Healthcare

  3. Retail

  4. Research & development

  5. Education

  6. AEC & design

  7. Chemistry

And in various situations:

  • Business training:

Training at McDonalds

McDonald’s is supporting their staff in delivering a better customer experience by using gamification techniques to educate staff.

  • Medical training:

Realistic immersive training

HoloLens transforms the way we teach anatomy and our understanding of the human body as we prepare the next generation of doctors.

  • Product knowledge:

Development of an immersive online and mobile training tool for Janssen

Employee to train their product knowledge and knowledge about Janssen in general.

  • Trauma situations:

Children’s Hospital Los Angeles using VR training for trauma situations

An AI powered virtual world where students can make decisions and progress or re-evaluate their decisions based upon responses from the virtual patient.

  • Fintech training

Digital gamification can foster financial literacy and help mitigate the upcoming retirement crisis.

People will have to educate themselves in terms of financial literacy to gain value. Serious games are an excellent way to educate ourselves.

  • Retail training

A training solution where employees can train the way they have to arrange the different shop racks.

Test your setup virtually by tracking the way users interact with your store and optimise your store based on real user input.

4. ILES: Immersive Learning Environments

Bron: http://www.roadtovr.com/world-of-comenius-virtual-reality-education-biology-lesson-leap-motion-oculus-rift-dk2/

Bron: http://www.roadtovr.com/world-of-comenius-virtual-reality-education-biology-lesson-leap-motion-oculus-rift-dk2/

Immersive learning environments (ILEs) are learning situations that are constructed using a variety of techniques and software tools, including game-based learning, simulation-based learning and virtual 3D worlds. ILEs are distinguished from other learning methods by their ability to simulate realistic scenarios and environments that give learners the opportunity to practice skills and interact with other learners.
— Gartner

A large definition that’s actually best resumed in: immersive spaces will eliminate external distractions and lead to even better understanding.

You train skills in an interactive learning environment you cannot train via traditional forms of learning. Because… is their any better way than learning than by making mistakes? And best of all: there are no negative consequences attached to your learning.

So what is going on with VR & AR and our learning abilities? A whole lot actually and don’t miss out if you’re about to invest in these technologies: now is the time.