When will you buy your first AR phone?

Every time you read an article on AR a new application in a news sector is turning our world upside down. Surgeons using their tablet with an AR application to know where to make the cut, Ikea putting virtual furniture in your living room or dating on the moon in augmented reality.

ARKit vs. ARCore

Instead of just waiting for everybody to buy an AR device to make AR widespread, Apple launched ARKit.
With ARKit augmented reality can be created for your smartphone.
AR just got available for all of us on our most common device. The one device we use all day and all night. So let’s all buy the next iPhone? Not quite yet. Android’s ARCore is competing with the new iPhone possibilities.

Soon, we’ll be able to play, work, sport in AR on any phone or other mobile device: Android or Apple.

What’s the difference between ARCode and ARKit?

The differences aren’t enormous: both solutions have motion tracking and light estimation to place an object exactly the right way in a certain space. They both offer environmental understanding (when an object should be hanging, standing, lying down), while ARKit already offers scale estimation on Apple devices upgraded to iOS 11.

Just games or is there more to AR?

Up until now ARKit and ARCore are still in the “game zone”. You can add fun stuff to your daily environment, decorate your workplace by adding objects to it:

Source: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7j6tOd5YeZ0

But the battle between Android and Apple means AR just got out of it’s limited user’s space.

With the announcement of ARCore just about the same time as the new iPhone, Android shows this is a serious matter.

We’ll remember Pokémon Go as the beginning of AR times, just as we all once had a Nokia 3310. The future will probably start on mobile devices but we’ll soon wear glasses and be able to see extra information on objects that are now merely “reality”. We’ll augment our own reality.

In Brussels you can already use your smartphone to see the Tripadvisor stars of each restaurant:

source: http://engineering.tripadvisor.com/augmented-reality-on-the-ipad/

source: http://engineering.tripadvisor.com/augmented-reality-on-the-ipad/

In Antwerp you can follow-up the renovations of Het Steen in AR:

Our developers are already working with AR applications. If you have a concept in mind and you want to walk through the possibilities, we’re up for the challenge.