Augmented reality: the best kept technological secret so far

Both VR, AR and MR or mixed reality are the ultimate immersive experience. You experience something in another reality, but still remain yourself. You experience something in another reality and that experience is real. And just because of this quality you can guide people in their augmented reality experience. That opens up some possibilities:

Augmented reality


What kind of augmented reality guide are you?

The guidance itself depends on you: you design the experience in advance. Augmented reality makes it very interesting to train, entertain, care, or mislead people. Not so much a matter of scams, but deceiving a patient's brain can cause people to overcome fears or undergo surgery without fear.

The training of users in an almost real situation, as you can imagine, is extremely useful for example, in manufacturing companies with branches in multiple locations.

Augmented reality glasses and a custom-made training program for the people on the floor saves you investment and saves coaches and people who provide technical training some unnecessary mileage and lots of time.

Focussing on 1 job is so 2016

And there is more.

  • Testing procedures
  • assembling new products
  • marketing applications
  • well-known car brands even give information inside of the car thanks to augmented reality.

Augmented reality adds digital content to the real world. If we are already multi-tasking by watching TV and checking our e-mails on our smartphone at the same time, believe me, the future will not get any less complicated.

Augmented reality makes it literally possible to sport, work, watch TV, consume in 2 realities at the same time.

If an augmented reality app is developed how it should, augmented reality is so subtle that we are no longer aware of the technology itself. This allows your customer to walk around in your digital showroom, design his own ideal product and we can see our own MRI scan without missing any detail.

By 2020 smartphone is dead

It’s a bold statement but that’s what our future looks like. Cameras will kill smartphones though.

No worries, they’re not dead just yet but the first little steps are being taken towards a smartphone-free future.

Windows 10 is already rolling out mixed reality for pc which enables you to create your own Paint 3D figure and bring it to life in reality with the webcam of your pc or laptop.

Facebook predicts smart glasses to be the norm in 10 years. The glasses will support both augmented and virtual reality and will be a lot more intelligent than your smartphone. They’ll be able to read the temperature of your baby, directly translate foreign languages r mute background noise.

And also Apple is working on an AR app: you’ll be able to remove objects or move them around with your iPhone camera without having to physically move them around.
Apple will need an HD camera in combination with complex algorithms that require a powerful processor.

For every augmented reality application cameras will become more important in the future. Whether you use your smartphone or any other device.

Yes, the locus of computing will move from our hands to our faces — for some — in the form of lightweight and stylish glasses.
— John Koetsier. Forbes

And it’s not just AR, AI as in bots and assistants, are making it harder on our smartphones. We’re very excited to see what the future will bring.

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