Interactive museum experience for Bruges' tourists

Bruges Beer Museum digitalized
  • Developed for: Visitors of the Bruges Beer Museum.

  • Objective: Transformation of the museum visit into a digital experience.

  • Game structure: 3D serious games and "beertinder" to match with your beer.

Learning about beer in 3D

The Bruges Beer Museum is a fun, innovative way to discover the most fascinating aspects of our Belgian beer. Learning about the history of beer, the beer in Bruges, the Trappist beers and brewing process is a lot more interesting since they introduced the iPad as a digital guide.

Digital experience for beer lovers

We developed software that recognizes pictures all through the museum to make the tour even more interactive and user-friendly.

After visiting the museum one can taste different beers and beer styles while looking up the origin of each beer or why a beer tastes rather sweet, sour or bitter on different touch screens.

In addition to the further development of the iPad application, which is used during your museum visit, we are working on a more interactive tour.


Tourists starting their digital tour at the Beer Museum

The next level: 3D games and beer tinder

Together with the people of The Bruges Beer Museum we are ready to lift the tour to the next level. The application will be expanded to include real-time object recognition so we can provide additional digital information about the available objects, making use of augmented reality. We added fun 3D games to explain how the brewing process exactly works.
As an extra feature we’ll integrate a “beer tinder” so people can match their profile with their favorite beer.

In 2017 the famous Beer Museum is ready for the digital era and we’re happy to be part of that.

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